Me as a Steward of Mother Earth

Me as a Steward of Mother Earth

Earth is a very wonderful creation, unique amongst other in the universe. There may be no other planet like earth. Even before the beginning of human civilization, earth has been home to different species of floras and faunas. Earth has always been shelter and home to many lives. Earth itself is life.

Then human civilization began. It marked a new era, the period of human dominion. At first, everything was in harmony. Then, the instigation of the industrial revolution, when human wisdom was transformed into action, has rapidly eradicated, from the face of the planet, thousands of lives of plants and wildlife, which cannot cope with this unusual order. Earth itself cannot cope with this peculiar change. It made the nature change a lot. In reality, the permafrost part of the globe is rapidly melting, which means the destruction of home for polar creatures. Not only that, worst is natural calamities, striking in a strange manner too, "the fury of nature is unstoppable,” as they say.

I am not against change; I am even very fond of this advancement. As a matter of fact, every modern technology that I have been utilizing and enjoying was products of this change.

Then what am I loathing about? Isn’t it that I very much like this change? Well, what I hate is how we, humans, are overusing the natural riches of the planet without taking in consideration the future generations, without putting in mind the concept of sustainable development.

Aren’t we humans capable of high intellectual attributes? Of course we are, so, then why not use the advantage of technology to restore earth in its natural process of evolution, rather than to overly exploit what’s in it. Why not use technology for the benefit of all inhabitants of this planet, rather than just for the interest of men.

I, being just a student, cannot by myself take care of the whole planet. Placing trashes everywhere is ruining earth, smoking cigarettes is polluting earth. The mere things I can do is to stop doing such acts, at least I am doing my part, of what I think is right, by keeping my environment clean and green. It is the least that I can do. The moment that I had breathed life and set foot in this world until the moment that my soul depart from my flesh, I am indebted to my mother – earth. Repaying her kindness would take my entire lifetime.

Earth is life, saving earth means saving my life. 


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