Math: a mental abuse to humans?!

Math: a mental abuse to humans?!

Mathematics is just a matter of understanding and applying concepts. Mathematics is like the other academic subjects, such as literature, english, history and others. Only a matter of interest and strong will to perceive is what really matters. It isn't difficult at all.

Perhaps the reason behind for many for hating, otherwise not liking math, is that they were not able to establish interest in this field when they were still young(in elementary or even in kindergarten).  Parents also play a vital role in inculcating the love for math in their children. Maybe like their children, they too were not encourage by their parents to engage more attention to math.

It is interesting too, to argue with the reason of others for not giving efforts to understand math.  A former teacher of mine said that she really hates math, and her teacher in math did not encourage her to learn it, furthermore, she said, "And what if I'm not good in math, anyway I wouldn't use "x+y" when Im going to buy a lot,  would I be using square root when buying merchandise?

Well, probably you're not going to use these stuffs. However It can also be an advantage when engaging in business such as purchasing merchandise and buying a lot, so that you cannot be tricked by dealers in case they sold you an area of lot not equivalent to the money you paid.

Remember, If not because of these mathematical formulae we wouldn't enjoy the advancement of technology that we are currently using now. We wouldn't even have a chance of using a computer. There wouldn't be internet. Everything should have not been invented wouldn't it because of math.

However, I may not be able to answer that question of my former teacher. Indeed, she might never use extracting roots when purchasing commodities. But always keep in mind that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


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