LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 3

LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 3

1.    Which is an advantage of teacher made tests over those of standardized tests?

a.         highly reliable

b.         better adapted to the needs of the pupils

c.         highly valid     

d.         more objectively

2.    With the number of senses to be stimulated to criterion, which one should be first in the list?

a.         Audio aid                                              c. Visual aid

b.         Audio-visual aid                                   d. Multi-sensory aid

3.    Which refers to the Filipino trait of practicing conflicting values in different venues with different social groups?

a.         crab mentality                      

b.         "kanya-kanya” mentality 

c.         Procrastination

d.         Split personality

4.    Richard excels in classifying different types of leaves and rocks. He loves to collect specimens and catalogs them. His strength is

a.         naturalistic intelligence                     c. spatial intelligence

b.         intrapersonal  intelligence                 d. existential intelligence

5.    Students C says " bahala na” and braves the storm for a test. In this situation which is expressed by the students " bahala na”?

a.         lack of self-reliance                           c. Lack of foresight

b.         Willingness to take risks                   d.  Indolence

6.    It is easy for children to learn language because each person as a Language Acquisition Device that predisposes one to acquire language. This theory is espoused by________.

a.         Watson                       b. Gardener                 c. Chomsky                     d. Piaget

7.    Miss Cortez is teaching a three-year-old boy how to put on his shirt. She might first reward him for placing his right arm in the right sleeve, then the left arm min the left sleeve, then buttoning the front of the shirt, then tucking the shirt into his pants.  This technique is called.

a.         conditioning                                       c. chaining

b.         fading                                                d. reinforcement

8.    According to Erikson’s theory, the child aged three to five is largely

a.         Mischievous                                      c. lazy  

b.         ego-centric                                        d. altruistic

9.    Teacher S wants to show to the class a magnified picture of Mayon Volcano mounted on a bond paper. Which one will she use?

a.         Overhead projector                           c. Slide

b.         Opaque projector                              d.  Filmstrip

10.  Teacher V wants to check prior knowledge of his pupils about water pollution. She writes the main topic water pollution in the center of the chalkboard and encircles it. Then she asks the pupils to provide information that can be clustered around the main topic. Which technique did the teacher employ?

a.         Deductive teaching                            c. Semantic mapping

b.         Demonstration                                   d. Vocabulary  building

11.  After having been humiliated by his teacher, student B evaluates that teacher very poorly despite teacher’s excellent performance. Which trait is illustrated by student B’s behavior?

a.         Rationalism                                        c. Personalism

b.         Impersonalism                                   d. Particularism

12.  In her desire to help the children build their vocabulary, she maintains a small board at the corner of her classroom for the Word of Day to teach the children one new word each day. Which method of vocabulary- building does she employ?

a.         Incidental attention to building meaning

b.         All of these                

c.         Direct vocabulary instruction

d.         Wide reading

13.  Conducting follow up studies of graduates and drop out is guidance service that falls under

a.         individual inventory service  

b.         research service       

c.         counseling service

d.         placement service

14.  Teacher F helps pupils determine the pronunciation and meanings of words by analyzing roots, affixes, and derived forms. This process is called

a.         contextual attack       c. blending sounds

b.         phonetic analysis       d. structural analysis

15.  Researches conducted show that teachers expectancies of students often become self-fulfilling prophecies. What is this phenomenon called?

a.         Ripple effect              c. Pygmalion effect

b.         Hawthrone effect      d. Halo effect

16.  Age two (2) is usually described as the " terrible 2’s” because, according to Erikson, at this stage the child tends to be

a.         Inquisitive                  c. playful

b.         Sickly                          d. assertive in words and in actions

17.  Peter is able to gain a lot of friends. He is well-linked and popular among other students.  He has a natural flare for making people laugh and is almost always ready to help them. He possesses what is called:

a.         naturalistic intelligence

b.         spatial intelligence     

c.         intra personal intelligence   

d.         interpersonal intelligence

18.  Jones, age 7, was removed from her class frequent fights with other children. She refused to be disciplined and was to focus in class only for very short time. She also has frequent tantrums. She is suffering from

a.         mental retardation

b.         down syndrome

c.         attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

d.    learning disability

19.  Which ones are two-dimensional representations of earth’s geographic and /or political features?

a.         Mock ups            b. Models            c. Globes           d. Maps

20.  Studies in the area of neurosciences disclosed that the human brain has limitless capacity. What does this imply?

a.         Pupils can possibly reach a point where they have learned everything

b.         Every child is a potential genius

c.       Every pupil has his own native ability and his learning is limited to this native ability

d.         Some pupils are admittedly not capable of learning


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