Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father

Almighty Father, most benevolent and most omniscient,
I thanked thee for thy bountiful mercy.

Oh Father, creator of all the Universe,
I humbly asked thee,
Forgive our trespasses,
That we may also forgive,
And let hatred flow away.

Oh Father, creator of all Beings,
I humbly asked thee,
Inculcate in my faculty your providence,
Encourage my heart to plant love,
Put your words behind my mouth,
Train my hands to perform your wonders,
And let my being be fulfilled by your essence.

In this light oh Gracious Father,
Hear our cry,
Grant us thy mercy.

Oh these, we asked
In the name of our lord,
Jesus the Christ.


  Oh Heavenly Father,
Most merciful and benevolent,
Thank You.

For in times of despair,
I was never alone,

In times of needs,
Open-hands were lent,

Even a sinner,
You never forsake me,

Rather you have forgiven me,
and cleansed me.

Oh Heavenly Father,
Thank You.
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  Dear Jesus,

Oh Lord of lords, King of kings,
Redeemer of the world,
Savior of mankind,

To You I pray,
That You may accept me,
In the Kingdom of the Glorious Father.

To You I ask,
That You may forgive me,
For my flawed well-being,
And that I may learn to forgive too.

To you I offer my thanks,
For thy bountiful mercy,
For thy abundant blessings,
For thy over-flowing love,
And for thy precious gift of Life.

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