Today's Juvenile

Today's Juvenile

Nowadays, Juveniles are engaged in several social issues. Among these social issues is that the youth is no longer the hope of our nation, contrary to the commonly used and very popular saying of Dr. Jose Rizal. Instead, we have become part of the many social problems that augmented to the government’s burden.

We have transformed from the patriotic and nationalistic youth in the revolutionary times to the chaotic and indolent one of today. We are often criticized by the elder generations for the lack or inability to show our love for our people and our country. Many are saying that it has been long gone from us. Perhaps, they are correct.

Where are the youth today? Most probably we would find ourselves in front of computers, either busy playing games or surfing the net. Just for fun and entertainment purposes. There are also those others, who are enjoying hanging with friends and most of the time, doing non-sense things or perhaps, worse if, using prohibited drugs, because of curiosity and experiment matters, and because of the peer’s influence.

Although the new president is willing to help us to redirect our path to what he termed as "ang matuwid na landas,” if we ourselves are not willing to act, then this righteous path will forever become a dream. There would even come a time that these young people of today will be the very cause of the destruction of our beloved nation.

However, it is not too late, to be active and to assist our leaders to fulfill their good visions for all. There are a lot of things that we can do.

Not only in the singing of the national anthem, neither in the recital of the Philippine pledge nor in giving respect to the flag that we could show our nationalism. Putting trashes on the right place, keeping the surroundings clean, and abiding by the laws, such as crossing the streets in the pedestrian lanes, are simple acts yet also a means of caring for our motherland.

So don’t tell me that, I am just a single person, I don’t even have much money to give to the needy, nor am I capable of ruling my people and directing them towards the better, because I’ll tell you, even the most tiny particle is still constituted by several parts that works together to form a whole. So as, with an atom, it is composed of neurons, protons, electrons and others that have its own function.

Therefore, if everyone is going to act, though it is small, if combined together can be of great help, not only for other, but we are performing these for ourselves and our son’s and daughter’s future.

Our ways of expressing nationalism might differ from those of the revolutionary period, since every generation differs from the other. What is important is that we are doing our parts.



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