On Being Educated

On Being Educated

Moral ignominy!

Education is something that improves the quality of life. Being educated insinuates that our knowledge is increased gradually or perhaps at a tremendous rate from the time that we assimilated edification. After getting a degree, the prospect of engaging in trade is relatively greater. However, the process causes more problems than it solves.

First of all, the cost of education is at par luxurious that maintaining a motorcycle in good condition. The tuition, matriculation and other assessed fee, that is good for a semester, surmount the cost of gasoline, which could run the vehicle for months, at a very great scale. Having our school uniforms in good form and upholding school stuffs, likened to buying motorcycles accessories has already a significant difference. The course requirement for every subject is not yet included. How about if the school requires that a student owns a laptop in order to be admitted?

Of course, there are educational institutions which can be found just somewhere else, they’ll also provide us diploma. Just for the purport of being called a graduate and getting a credential does not necessitate admission to superior schools. But what about the essence of education? That institution might not even be recognized by educational commissions, thus jeopardizing our chance to relish a white collar.  Plus, can they really pay for instructors that are well capable of educating? And, we don’t want cheap education, right? What is worthy is costly.

Nevertheless, it’s not solely us who are going to suffer with respect to attaining education. The affliction of sending us to a university is heavily buoyed by parents, who are the primary financier of our instruction. It has also been established a fact that they can sacrifice their meals to keep some money.  They are even willing to peddle our home just to send us cash.

Secondly, take for example our "educated political leaders,” do they act honestly, responsibly and morally concerned, at all times, about the welfare of the citizens? Of the nation? Did it ever enter into their minds that politics is about public service and not greed for wealth neither lust for power?

If this is not the case, hence, I therefore conclude that education teaches us to neglect proper ethics, to forsake the prosperity of others and to look only after our own good.

Education is somewhat synonymous to amassing splendid aggregate of knowledge. However, the same education is being used by most, if not all, of our leaders, as a substantial contrivance, to fool our deprived people. A prominent authority already stated, "All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance.” This quotation is well appropriate to us.

So why seek education when it strives for more troubles than it should solve? Simply because, education is something that improves that eminence of life, getting education offers variety of opportunities, encompassing different white collar professions.

Furthermore, being educated does not lead to ignorance neither to corruption of our disposition if intact with proper observation of moral benchmarks. It promotes a socially endowed form and responsible essential part of the society. To be educated is to be well-mannered and to be an individual with the ability to discern which is good and which is not and be able to apply it for the good of the majority – that is being educated.

            Now, does education really entails disgrace? It’s for you to decide! The process may be hard, difficult, challenging, demanding, problematic, or whatsoever adjective there might be. Though the fruit of hard work might not necessarily spell "Gold” but possible in different sense.


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