LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 2

LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 2

1.    Teaching health in schools is backed up by the concept that

a.         man has non-tangible and transcending dimensions

b.         man’s body is the expression of his soul

c.         man has a dual nature   

d.    man is nothing but matter

2.    Before the Thomasites arrived in the Philippines, who served as teachers to the colonials during the American regime?

a.         The Elementary Teacher’s Certificate graduates of the normal school

b.         The American Soldiers 

c.         The selected Grade 7 graduates

d.         The government officials

3.    Who were Thomasites?

a.         The soldiers who doubted the success of the public educational system to be set in the Philippines

b.       The first American teacher recruit to help establish the public educational system in the Philippines

c.     The first religious group who came to the Philippines on board the US transport Thomas

d.         The devotees to St. Thomas Aquinas who came to evangelized

4.    The American teachers who were recruited to help set the public educational system in the Philippines during the American regime were called Thomasites because:

a.         They arrived in the Philippines on the feast of St. Thomas

b.         They first taught at the University of Sto. Tomas

c.         They were devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas

d.         They disembarked from the CIS transport called Thomas

5.    A group of Filipino children served as respondents in a research conducted. The children were asked they tell what they wanted to be, if given the choice. None of them said " to be an American, to be a Japanese, to be a Korean, etc. What does this finding show?

a.         Inferiority of other nationalities

b.         Superiority of the Filipino

c.         Superiority of other nationalities

d.         Filipino lack of a sense of national pride

6.    An " I –thou” relationship exist between teacher and students when there is

a.         Favoritism                            b. pretension                            c.  respect                             d. prejudice

7.    Which educational trend is occurring in all modern societies as a result of knowledge explosion and rapid social, technological and economic changes?

a.         International education        

b.         Lifelong learning                  

c.         Nuclear education

d.         Team teaching

8.    One learns by association and also by insight. This shows that the association and cognitive theories of learning are

a.         diametrically opposed          

b.         complementary        

c.         partly wrong 

d.         partly correct

9.    A pupil who has developed a love for reading keeps on reading for her enjoyment. His motivation for reading is

a.         both intrinsic and extrinsic

b.         extrinsic

c.         intrinsic   

d.         insufficient

10.  Which is the most effective way(s) of retaining learned material?

I.                    hearing it    

II.                  seeing it   

III.                notes complication

a.      I and II                         c. all of these

b.      II only                          d. II and III

11.  Where are multi-media resources and computers, which is the most favorable result of the optimal use of educational media technology?

a.         Increased  learning    

b.         Speed learning

c.         Interactive learning

d.         More interesting  learning

12.  The right hemisphere of the brain is involved with the following functions EXCEPT

a.         nonverbal functions

b.         intuitive functions  

c.         detail-oriented functions

d.         visual functions

13.  What functions are associated with the right brain?

a.         Visual, intuitive, logical

b.         Visual, intuitive, non-verbal

c.         Visual, non-verbal, logical

d.         Visual, logical, detail oriented

14.  John Watson said: "Men are built not born.” What does this statement point to?

a.         The ineffectiveness of training on a person’s development

b.         The effect of heredity

c.         The absence of genetic influence on a person’s development

d.         The effect of environmental stimulation on a person’s development

15.  Under which type of guidance service does the concern of schools to put students into their most appropriate courses fall?

a.         Research service                  

b.         Individual inventory service 

c.         Placement service

d.         Information service


  hello po pwede po b humingi ng answers key s part1,2,3 ng prof.ed questions at s mathematics po n answers key.tnx po
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  Pahinge po ng answer key nito thanks!
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  Hello! Can I have a copy of the answer keys?
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