LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 1

LET Reviewer - Prof. Education Part 1

1.    "Do not teach too many subjects. What you teach, teach thoroughly”, said one philosopher. The primary reason behind the advice is to ensure that teachers?

a.         Cover all the PELCs / PSLCs.

b.         Relate their lessons to their students daily life

c.         Avoid failing grades

d.         Avoid spoon feeding their students

2.    A student passes a book report poorly written but ornately presented in a folder to make up in the poor quality of the book report content. Which Filipino trait does this practice prove? Emphasis on

a.         " Porma” over substance

b.         art over academics

c.         substance over "porma”   

d.         art over science

3.    Extreme authoritarianism in the home reinforces learners to

a.         work creatively

b.         depend on others for directions

c.         direct themselves

d.         do things on their own initiative

4.    Which did the Americans teach the Filipinos which the Spaniards did NOT?

a.         Their government      c. Their language

b.         Their art                     d. Their religion

5.    The back-to-basic curriculum is in essence a (an) ___________ curriculum

a.         Existentialist              c. essentialist

b.         progressivist              d. perennialist

6.    In the most recent curriculum introduced in 2002, Makabayan as a subject

a.         Singles out values education

b.         Serve as a practice environment for holistic learning

c.         Compartmentalizes subjects excluding English, Filipino, Science and Math

d.         Integrates English, Filipino, Science and Math

7.    " Approach every pupil as she is/he is without allowing yourself to be influenced by your foreknowledge of his/her home background” is an advice from a (an)

a.         essentialist

b.         rationalist

c.         povitivist

d.     existentialist-phenomenologist

8.    The Filipino learner envisioned by the Department of Education is one who is imbued with the desirable values of a person who is

a.         makabayan, makasarili, makakalikasan, and maka-Diyos

b.         makabayan, makatao, makahalaman, at maka-Diyos

c.         makabayan, makakaragatan, makatao, at maka-Diyos

d.         makabayan, makatao, makakalikasan at maka-Diyos

9.    Sex education in schools implies that

I.      man is educable

II.         main is free in the choice of his sexual expression

III.          man has pure sexual instinct

a. I,II,III      b. I,II                c. II,III  d. I,III

10.  How is the latest curriculum introduced in the elementary and secondary schools called?

a.         The Re-structured Basic Education and Curricula

b.         2002 Elementary and Secondary Education Curricula

c.         Millennium Curriculum

d.         2002 Basic Education Curriculum

11.  " Sometimes it may be better to make wrong decisions when a decision is urgent than to make a " right” decision too late” is a thought encouraged by the

a.         rationalist                  c. realist

b.         progressivis                d. existentialist

12.  Which does pataasan ng ihi mentality negate?

a.         Initiative                     c. Teamwork  

b.          Flexibility                   d. Religiosity

13.  To whom do Filipinos owe the widespread Philippine educational system today?

a.         The First Filipino political leaders’

b.         The Americans

c.         The Japanese                        

d.         Spaniards

14.  Which is NOT a characteristic of the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum?

a.         More integrated  

b.         More holistic

c.         More compartmentized

d.         Make use of interdisciplinary approach

15.  All of these prevent the emergence of the truth which learners and teachers are in search of EXCEPT a ( an)

a.         Mindset                                     c. open mind

b.         "mask”                                       d. defense


  sir pls post the answer key tnx....
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  can I have a copy of the key answers?
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  You need a reviewer for LET? I can help you. text me at this number 09307335353 .I’m willing to help you all future educators but promise me that your passion is really for teaching. My only principle of teaching is I am living to teach not teaching to live. Sana ganun din kayo future teachers para mas maging effective kayo at lumago pa. Thank you.
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  i need some answer for professional education.please.thank you
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