Knowing "INTERNET"

Knowing "INTERNET"

Internet simply made the world much smaller as it was before, however it also made our world more diverse and our daily lives more complex. This proves how incredible and powerful the internet is. Everything is there, just one click and you've got an instant result. Technology had really evolved immensely compared to that of time immemorial. Nothing is too impossible, limitation no longer exists. The words limitation and impossible is being slowly killed by how technology functions.

Today there are a lot of site which had sprouted from different parts of the globe, however only few of them can really give solutions to what we are seeking for.

I first used the internet when I entered high school. Internet is one of the most spoken words, by my peers and others. This made me curious regarding what really internet is. For the sake of my curious mind, I took courage to answer the questions which surrounded my head. Together with a friend of mine, we entered an Internet cafe, and we browse the computer and surf the world wide web. At first, I was really amazed by how it functioned. But later on, i get used to its wondrous power. Aside from internet, Friendster was also a widely used word in the corners of our classroom and even outside. So I also made myself an account in Friendster - the most popular networking site at that time.

Curiosity led me explore and my knowledge regarding the cyberworld gradually grew.


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